Accounts Receivable Automation

From invoice to payment and everything in between. We solve AR issues for B2B companies.

AR Automation That Drives Business Results

Bill360® has the only payment platform specifically built for small to medium-sized B2B companies. Our unique AR automation platform adds valuable tools — automated smart invoicing, data-enhanced embedded payments, valuable business insights, robust collaboration, and more — allowing you to reduce DSO (days sales outstanding), get paid faster, and improve cash flow. Bill360's data solutions are not offered by any accounting software including QuickBooks®, Xero® or other AR automation tools. Best of all, Bill360 connects directly to your existing accounting system in minutes!

Save Time

Reduce the time you spend managing how and when you get paid from your customers.


Reduce Cost

Lower the costs for your invoicing processes and improve your accounts receivables.


Get Paid Faster

Accelerate your cash flow with our embedded, seamless payment experience for customers.



Take Your Accounting System to a New Level

AR automation is a disrupter—a new technology that has become a field unto itself. This is due to the digitization of the invoice, new developments in technology, and trends underway to modernize B2B payments by using technology to reduce frictions in processes. Bill360 provides the technology, business intelligence, and innovative features needed to accelerate your accounts receivable and grow your B2B business more efficiently.

Bill360 picks up where your accounting system left off. Our software is easy to use while solving the pain points unique to B2B. We are bridging the gap between billing and payments in a single platform designed to meet the needs of B2B businesses, so you get paid faster!


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Tim Hunter, CPA

Advanced QuickBooks Advisor

Tim Hunter, CPA

The Bill360 platform allows my clients to stay on top of their receivables with minimal effort. The Bill360 dashboard and interface is user-friendly and provides all the information businesses need to stay on top of their accounts receivable. The platform also integrates with QuickBooks seamlessly.


CEO & Founder

Josh Mangum

WiT Group was able to reduce our aging accounts receivable by 50%, save 30% on card processing fees by moving half of our clients from credit card to ACH payments, and save over 60% on fees associated with electronic payments. We also reduced our days sales outstanding (DSO) and last month’s cash flow was the best it’s ever been.

Ryan Gucwa


Ryan Gucwa

As owner of Odyssey Airways, an aircraft management company, we found ourselves having to spend a lot of time tracking down our receivables and sometimes missing collection of invoices all together. With Bill360’s collaboration feature, we spend more time servicing our customers because time chasing invoices is completely eliminated.

Nicole Juiffre


Nicole Juiffre

Bill360 is great for controlling the AR process of your business! It's easy to look up invoices, send invoices, and receive payment via credit card or ACH. The implementation process was painless. I can't say enough about the customizable reminders! Payments are coming in faster and with less effort.

Amber Snedegar

Accounts Receivable Manager

Amber Snedegar

If you have a lot of customers who pay via credit card and ACH, this system is fantastic. The system gives the customer a bunch of options to set up their payment(s), such as, automatic payment when the invoice is received, or the customer can schedule their payment to be made on a specific date. Our customers have enjoyed this feature.


Solve the AR Issues That Exist in Your Business

Simplify your accounts receivable processes with Bill360's AR automation. Make it easy for your customers to pay their invoices. Features and functionality like automated workflows, customer collaboration, AutoPay, and enhanced data analytics will elevate your business, reduce DSO, improve cash flow, and grow your profitability.

Bill360 App Screenshots - Dashboard 1
Access Business Intelligence. Make better credit decisions, identify sales trends, and leverage buyer data with innovative business intelligence tools.
Bill360 App Screenshots - Invoice
Get Smarter About Invoices and Payments. Create and send smart invoices that get you paid on time. Then track, process, reconcile, and record your payments in one secure solution.
Bill360 App Screenshots - Reminders
Automate Your Payment Reminders. Create set-it-and-go reminders for your customers. Automated invoice and payment reminders will effortlessly keep you and your customers on track.
Bill360 App Screenshots - Collaboration
Stay Connected to Your Customers. Collaboration with your clients via your branded customer portal is the key to customer satisfaction, increased cash flow, and higher profitability.

I am...


Small B2B Business Owner
($1 - $5 million in annual revenue)


Midsized B2B Business Owner
($5 - $100 million in annual revenue)


Choose the Best B2B Solution to Drive Your Profitability

Bill360 combines invoicing, seamless payments, and reconciliation to help businesses accelerate their cash flow. The platform was designed specifically for the B2B market and enables you to strengthen customer relationships with a secure portal accessible anywhere at any time. Our software is easy to navigatecustomizable down to the customer level, and provides embedded payment options that are secure, data-enhanced, and convenient for your customers.

Take control of your accounts receivable with Bill360. You can be up and running on our platform within 1 hour of your demo and completed application!


Smarter automated invoicing workflows aimed at performance.



Process, reconcile, and record all your payments in one place.



Automate payment reminders and collections to get paid on time.