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Bill360 simplifies the invoice-to-cash process for B2B companies through automated smart invoicing, data-enhanced embedded payments, valuable business insights, robust collaboration, and more.

About Us

Headquartered in Tampa, Florida with an additional office in Jacksonville, Florida, Bill360 was created specifically for an underserved market – small to medium-sized B2B companies looking to simplify their accounts receivable process and improve cash flow.

Bill360 automates accounts receivables with a platform that uses data insights and integrated payments to increase transaction efficiency between sellers and buyers and automate manual accounting tasks. At Bill360, we are revolutionizing AR automation while helping our customers save time, cut costs, and drive profit.


Trailblazers in the B2B Payments Space Since 2001

Fewer industries move faster than fintech. Since 2001, however, the professionals making up Bill360’s leadership team have stayed a step ahead of trends and serve as trailblazers in the payment-processing space. 

Here’s our origin story.

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Seeing an opportunity to advance payment technology for small to medium-sized B2B companies, Sterling Payments Technologies (SPT) was founded by the future creators of Bill360. SPT introduced a payment link on invoices, buyer portals, and accounting platform integration for B2B payment data. It’s a eureka moment that enables B2B buyers to securely initiate payments through a portal. 

Sterling Payment Technologies was acquired by EVO Payments in 2017 and remains renowned for its innovation, service, and support nearly 25 years after its inception.


The team behind the success of Sterling Payment Technologies launches Bill360 with the goal of revolutionizing accounts receivable (AR) automation through a single, fully embedded payment platform that simplifies the billing and collection process for B2B companies and their customers. 

Bill360 was in development for nearly three years during which we interviewed 3,000 B2B companies to gain a greater understanding of the pain points plaguing their accounts receivable process. As a result, we developed a platform that was efficient and easy to use and helped small to medium-sized B2B companies get paid faster and increase cash flow. 

Rather than forcing our customers to abandon their current existing accounting software, we built Bill360 to sync with QuickBooks and Xero in minutes while providing exclusive features like real-time customer collaboration, buyer-managed payment wallets, a buyer portal with invoice histories, and so much more.


Bill360: A Full-Service Payment Facilitator

Becoming a full-service payment facilitator is a long and difficult process for even the most established companies. Both Mastercard and Visa have implemented rules governing the use and conduct of payment facilitators.

Bill360 is already one of approximately 200 U.S.-based companies registered and recognized as a full-service payment facilitator by Mastercard and Visa. This achievement is a testament to the experience and credibility of our leadership team that has served integral roles with some of the largest, most innovative companies in the payment industry.


Meet the Team

Our executive team is comprised of fintech professionals who have significantly impacted some of the largest companies in the payment industry, including Bank of America, Chase Paymentech, Wells Fargo, First Data, Fiserv, and EVO Payments.

Paul Hunter

Chief Executive Officer/Chairman of the Board of Directors

Paul Hunter

Paul has more than 30 years of entrepreneurial experience and was the CEO of several successful companies including Sterling Payment Technologies, which was acquired in 2017 by EVO Payments. Paul helped Sterling deliver fast, affordable, and secure payment processing to merchants along with EMV solutions, mobile solutions, and cloud-based POS reporting. Sterling was selected as one of Business Solutions Magazine’s Best Channel Vendors for nine consecutive years.

Kevin Sisk


Kevin Sisk

Kevin came to Bill360 after serving as Chief Operation Officer of Bank of America Merchant Services and Wells Fargo Merchant Services, both joint ventures of Fiserv. Prior to that, he held leadership positions with J.P. Morgan Chase and First Data. Kevin’s experience also includes working at First USA/Paymentech and serving in the United States Marine Corps.

Glenn Fodor

Chief Financial Officer

Glennn Fodor

Glenn is a former Senior Vice President and head of Fiserv’s data analytics business. Prior to Fiserv, Glenn worked in equity research at several bulge-bracket investment firms including JP Morgan, UBS and Morgan Stanley, focusing on the fintech industry. Glenn has named one of Institutional Investor’s “Up-and-Coming” analysts and is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder.

Mia Shernoff

Fractional CMO

Mia Shernoff

Mia is a renowned marketing executive who served as Chief Marketing Officer at First Data. She was also Head of Marketing of Fiserv’s Global Business Solutions and was a driving force for their Clover business. Mia also served as CMO for Chase Paymentech and is a founder of the Merchant Advisory Group (MAG). She served as Board Director for Cardnet, Lloyds Bank’s Merchant Acquiring JV, and was Board Director and Chairwoman for the Merchant Risk Council (MRC).

George Wilcox

Chief Product Officer

George Wilcox

George drives product development at Bill360 after 35 years of senior leadership in payments, product, and technology. His experience includes serving as the group executive of the product management team with Chase Paymentech and in senior level positions at EVO Payments and Sterling Payment Technologies.

Chris Arnold

Chief Technological Officer

Chris Arnold

Chris has more than 20 years of progressive technological experience with companies like CARD.com, where he helped launch their first mobile premium banking solution. Chris has led engineering and product management teams at many organizations including FairWarning, Gentiva Health Services, Disney, and Barnes & Noble.