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Getting paid faster will improve the financial stability of your business. But by how much? Take the guesswork out of it with our free DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) Savings Calculator.

What is Days Sales Outstanding? 

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) is the number of days it takes to receive payment for a sale or service. The lower your DSO, the faster you get paid. The faster you get paid, the stronger your cash flow. The stronger your cash flow, the stronger your business.

Why do I need to include the number of employees on my AR Team and their salaries? 

AR automation will reduce your DSO as well as the amount of time your team spends manually preparing invoices and chasing down late-paying customers. Our DSO Calculator converts this time to cost savings. 



See How a Marketing Agency Cut Aging AR by 50% using Bill360

Bill360 is making a big difference for B2B companies! WiT Group, a digital marketing agency based in the Carolinas, reduced aging receivables by 50%, saved 3.8% on transaction processing costs, and reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by 88% with Bill360's accounts receivable automation.

WiT Group Case Study 2023


From invoice to payment and everything in between

  • Create, Send & Track Unlimited Invoices
  • Unlimited Number of Users
  • Embedded Payment Processing
  • Set-It-And-Go Reminders
  • Collections Automation
  • Secure Customer Portal
  • Reporting & Business Insights
  • Full Accounting Integration


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Headquartered in Tampa, Florida, Bill360 works with small-to-medium-sized B2B businesses across the United States to solve their accounts receivable challenges.

Take a proactive approach to managing your accounts receivables and the damaging effects of late payments.

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