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Bill360 is unlike any other accounts receivable automation software. Our proprietary platform practically eliminates withheld funds and is custom-built to help B2B companies like yours get paid faster, increase cash flow, and achieve long-term success. 

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This tool is great for controlling the AR process of your business! It's much more intuitive than QuickBooks. It's easy to look up invoices, send invoices, and receive payment via credit card or ACH. The implementation process was painless. And I can't say enough about the customizable reminders... payments are coming in faster and with less effort from me!

Design Signs
Nicole Juiffre

We saw results immediately. Bill360's automation has made collecting payments incredibly easer. Our clients love that they do not have to take the time to pay their invoices... they are just automatically taken care of each month. Invoices go out on the 1st and we collect payment on the 1st. Having invoices paid with automation has been nothing but amazing for us as well as our clients.

Numbers Matter Accounting & Bookkeeping
Kristi Rogers

The Bill360 platform allows my clients to stay on top of their receivables with minimal effort. The Bill360 dashboard and interface is user-friendly and provides all the information businesses need to stay on top of their accounts receivable. The platform also integrates with QuickBooks seamlessly.

Tim Hunter CPA
Tim Hunter

Sending invoices, following up on payments, and managing the entire accounts receivable process has been fully automated using Bill360. This has freed up the Numbers Matter's team to focus on revenue-generating tasks. Invoicing and billing can be such a burden, Bill360 eliminated all of our pain points.

Numbers Matter Accounting & Bookkeeping
Chris Fallon

Our old payment processor was Stripe, and our main issue with their platform was that they had implemented a "hold" on our account where they were holding 25% of all of our revenue in a "held in reserve" feature that was slowly released back to us over the course of 6 months, per payment. This wasn't feasible for our business structure so Bill360 was a life saver! We began seeing results as soon as our account with Bill360 went live, delivering our payments directly to us, in full, within just a few business days.

Lucky Money Entertainment
Sarah Morey

Bill360 has made it easier to switch customers to ACH and credit card payments. The system gives the customer a bunch of options to set up their payment(s), such as, automatic payment when the invoice is received, or the customer can schedule their payment to be made on a specific date. Our customers have enjoyed this feature. And not having to enter each payment in our accounting system has saved me time to focus on other tasks. The automated payment reminders have also helped me stay on top of slower payers.

Central Ohio Oil, Inc.
Amber Snedegar

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WiT Group, a digital marketing agency based in the Carolinas, reduced aging receivables by 50%, reduced transaction processing costs by 30%, and reduced Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) by 88% with Bill360's AR automation.

Listen to Founder and CEO, Josh Mangum, talk about the Bill360 platform and how it benefited his company.