Bill360 Partner Program


Empower Your Customers with Innovative Accounts Receivable Automation

Everybody wins with the Bill360 Partner Program. The only accounts receivable (AR) automation software with a seamless embedded payment platform built for small-to-medium sized B2B companies, Bill360 drives revenue by enhancing value and expanding your addressable market.  

Bill360's innovative payment process delivers new functionality available nowhere else in the industry. Bill360 includes best-in-market features like automated invoice reconciliation, collaboration, and a separate buyer portal that enables your customers to set up and manage their own digital wallet. Our proprietary B2B360 payment platform utilizes enhanced data to provide a more seamless payment experience – all at no additional cost to you or your users.

Why Partner with Bill360?

Bill360 will be a free value-added solution for your customers. There is no cost to you or your customers.

What We Do for You

Icon - Autopay 2New recurring revenue stream: Maximize payment revenue! Bill360 gives you a share of all payment processing revenues whenever one of your customers signs up for our innovative AR automation software.

Icon-PersonalGrowthStrengthen customer relationships and increase retention: Retaining customers is crucial in the B2B space, especially since recent reports found it leads to a large increase in profitability. Introducing your customers to the value of Bill360's AR automation demonstrates your commitment to their success and appreciation for their business.   

Icon-EmpowerProvide an added value to your customers: Bill360 provides your customers with a complete B2B platform that will help them increase cash flow, reduce costs, and drive efficiency better than competing payment processors and accounting system applications. Unlike those options, Bill360 was purpose-built for B2B companies.

Icon-CashflowDrive more business: Once your company starts using Bill360's technology, it enables you to move upstream and acquire larger customers while retaining your current ones. 

Icon-DataGain a competitive advantage: Bill360 is at the forefront of AR automation. Set yourself apart from your competitors by offering this technology as a free software platform.

What We Do for Your Customers

Icon-PaidIncrease cash flow: Bill360’s automation expedites the AR process, allowing your customers to get paid faster than competing systems, practically eliminating held funds, a common problem in the B2B space, and providing valuable tools that lower DSO (Days Sales Outstanding).

Icon-PaymentsWiden outreach: Bill360 lets your customers offer a Buy Now, Pay Later option, giving them the ability to offer more payment options to more customers.

Icon-AutomationSimple connectivity: Your customers require less than an hour of training to use Bill360's AR automation, which syncs to their existing accounting software (QuickBooks and Xero) in minutes. Bill360 also provides live US-based onboarding and white-glove support.

Icon-SaveTimeSave time: AR automation replaces manual and repetitive accounting tasks with custom automated payment reminders and workflows, auto-reconciliation for invoices and payments (even after adjustments), and expanded AutoPay options, allowing customers to increase workforce efficiency.

Icon-RecognitionEnhance the customer user experience: Bill360 removes friction from the B2B payment process by providing unique features that enhance the all-important experience when the customer pays the seller. These features include a full buyer-seller collaboration portal that gives buyers access to a history of all past invoices while helping eliminate the ever-increasing instances of check fraud. 


Interested in Becoming a Partner?

Your path to greater success.

Bill360's platform is a game-changer — designed exclusively for the B2B market. Unlike any other accounting application or payment-centric application, we seamlessly integrate the data-enriched payment platform into the AR automation system. Bill360 is a true SaaS platform that elevates the buyer experience and sets a new bar.

  Take current payment programs to a completely new level as we bring your customers new functionality at no additional cost, while you create a new revenue stream. 

  Increase your company appeal to larger clients and new opportunities by offering this free platform to your customers.

 Reduce attrition, increase customer lifetime value, improve payment margins, and add more value to your business.